B.dgtal is a full-service digital marketing agency demonstrating a sound understanding of the digital environment in China and abroad to measurable effect. B.dgtal creates tailored cross-border friendly packages that amplify our clients’ digital footprint. How can we help you be more digital?



Style and substance, form and function. B.dgtal weaves for you a digital narrative that is consistent and engaging. Your customers' needs inform our design of interactive digital works and the engaging content that accompanies them. The result is your brand identity being understood by and resonating with your core audience.


Our team of full-stack developers gives you an array of customized services responding to your needs. Demonstrating a mastery of CMS platforms such as Wordpress & Drupal, B.dgtal simplifies your content creation processes, helping you get the most out of the digital sphere.

seo & analytics

B.dgtal takes pride in developing SEO strategies that help you achieve your goals for websites, apps and online campaigns. B.dgtal curates for you an integrated qualitative and quantitative analytics toolkit, giving you a comprehensive understanding of your visitors' behaviour.

social media

B.dgtal believes an effective social media strategy is so much more than the amount followers or likes you get. We help you align your brand values with the desired online consumer experience, bringing you closer to your online community.