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What we've done

Swedish wine importer Terrific Wines brings wine from all over the world to Sweden and educates locals through blogs and trainings. Terrific Wines approached B.dgtal to revamp its website to more effectively articulate and provide their wide range of services to their consumers.


In response, B.dgtal designed a website with customized functionalities such as a comprehensive listing of wines by country, type,  producer and year amongst other criteria. Additionally, we built an E-commerce platform linked to an external checkout system for streamlined purchasing.


With the website being equal parts commercial and informative, B.dgtal designed a news section, available with author biographies, comments and several post categories, which has improved the website’s SEO. Finally, B.dgtal added more than a dash of style to complement the website’s substance, curating a selection of photos that align to the website’s theme and Terrific Wines’ brand identity.