UI & UX design

b.dgtal combines web design with a profound understanding of user behavior to create unique user experiences that call your visitors to the desired action. Our designers work hand in hand with our developers to ensure you never sacrifice form for function.


Information architecture

Whatever its purpose, your website must be organized in a way that the user is able to easily engage with your content. In other words, they should intuitively bring themselves to your intended final destination whether that be their buying a product or subscribing to a service. Our UX designers help you achieve this by establishing clear information structures, creating maximum exposure for your product or service.


Interaction design

b.dgtal understands the importance of the interaction between the user and the product. Our team analyzes a website’s interactive elements from a form and function angle bridging together UI and UX. The result is a harmonious orchestration of the customer journey across our clients’ digital landscape, ultimately creating a memorable user experience which will keep your visitors coming back.